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Since 1998, Amp-Line Corp. (ALC) has designed and manufactured high frequency transformers in accordance to the customer specifications. We manufacture transformers with different characters to meet our customer's application requirements. Our high frequency transformers are widely used by government laboratories, manufacturing industries, universities and other research organizations.


Different from traditional low frequency transformers (typically 50Hz and 60Hz), high frequency transformers have more aspects to look into. ALC manufactures high frequency wide-band transformers, high frequency high voltage transformers, high frequency high current transformers, high frequency low inductance transformers, high frequency low stray capacitance transformers for different applications. ALC manufactures transformers in the frequency range of 100Hz to 800KHz; output power from 50 watts to 10,000 watts; output voltage from 0.5V rms. to 10,000V rms. (28,000V p-p); output current from 0.01A to 1000A. 

Although most of our orders are customized transformers, we categorized some most frequently used transformers as our Standard Transformers. Standard transformers can be delivered within 8 business days from receipt of order, while customized transformers delivery usually requires 10 to 15 business days. Please click HERE to see part numbers and pricing information of our standard transformers.


High frequency high voltage transformers are very often used in Plasma Generation. Due to the high voltage, high frequency and unavoidable stray capacitance, the HFHV transformers usually require wide-band power amplifiers to drive them. Please click HERE to see a list of our wide-band high frequency power amplifiers. When putting a high frequency high voltage transformer along with a wide-band power amplifier in the Plasma Generation application, we call the system Plasma Power Supply.

To get a quotation, please provide us the following information.

1.   Brief Description of Application

2.   Primary Voltage

3.   Secondary Voltage

4.   Frequency Range

5.   Output Power

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